Columbia Closings

Here is a link to an interesting website. It features photos and background information about closed businesses in the greater Columbia area (restaurants, shops, etc.).

Sometimes people comment on the different entries and share their stories about actually going to these places when they were still open.

This could be material for an assignment, probably finding out why some of the businesses had to close by interviewing business neighbors or people who live close by. That’s just a thought, though. It’s probably also a genre with a strong visual component – most of these places look very bleak now.


2 responses to “Columbia Closings

  • matt boedy

    I’m trying to figure out how this “ted” guy has so much time on his hands to make this blog…

  • joe1234w

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find that greasy spoon you took me to lunch at the other day. I’d anticipate the place closing soon, due to a majority of the customers passing away from clogged arteries. I’ll give Ted a head’s up.

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